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Insiders Guide to Oaxaca

I am often asked about my favorite places in the world, and a conversation occurs where it doesn't cross my mind to mention my beloved Mexico; the motherland, my parents home country.

After falling in love with its storied and cobbled streets as a tourist, the vibrant culture, colors, sounds, tastes, and the amazingly hospitable climate. It’s a place with bustling marketplaces, lively fiestas, and beautiful folk art traditions and fascinating history. It is time to teeter into the unknown, this way by way of Oaxaca. Ready to discover some of the hidden gems that only locals know?

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Let's be real, we all want to look and feel younger and have youthful skin, indefinitely. I’ve talked before about collagen being part of my daily wellness routine and how to sneak more of it into your diet. Taking a collagen supplement, without vitamin C, won't have the same impact. So I searched for the best collagen on the market and have been a fan-girl of Nordic Naturals Marine Collagen… especially this strawberry flavor! The best part is that it's blended with natural vitamin C to aid our body’s normal formation and provide antioxidant support.

One of the ways I've been enjoying this refreshing and nourishing marine collagen strawberry flavor is with this Strawberry Fields Collagen Chia Pudding. All of the ingredients are good-for-your-skin! Want the recipe? Tap on the link in my bio! [sponsored]

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