Coconut-Berry Smoothie Bowl


Fruit, veggies and healthy fats galore! I whipped this Coconut-Berry Smoothie Bowl for gr8nola's #thegr8cleanse. It's loaded with tons of superfoods and flavor. It's even got tons of veggies hidden inside, plus Solstice Canyon's Cardamom & Cloves almond butter and Vital Proteins collagen peptides.

What You'll Need

Smoothie Base:
28g frozen coconut meat*
¼ cup frozen beets (roughly 50g)
4 small frozen strawberries
½ banana, sliced and frozen
1 cup baby spinach
½ zucchini, sliced
¼ small avocado
1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides, vanilla-coconut
2-3 drops stevia
1/8 tsp cardamom
4 ice cubes

1 tbsp coconut shavings
1/4 cup gr8nola
1/4 cup fresh blueberries
1/2 tbsp Solstice Canyon Cardamom-Close Almond Butter

What You'll Need To Know

1. In a high-speed blender add all ingredients, except ice. Blend until smooth for about 30-60 seconds then add ice cubes and blend for 20 seconds.

2. Pour in a bowl and top with toppings!

*can be purchased frozen from the grocery store

Makes 1 serving.