The Ruins in Side, Turkey

Ancient World history truly fascinates me. Seeing these ruins in Side, Turkey was just breathtaking in itself.

The Side Museum and Ruins are located in Side town of Manavgat District 8 km from Manavgat. Ancient agora bath from A.D. 5-6th centuries, dating from Roman Age, was restored in 1960/61 and converted into a museum.

Has a capacity of 15 000 seats. The audience section is divided in half by means of a diazoma. Orchestra in a semi-circle curve. Stage building is two or three storey. Late Empire Period gladiator fights and animal fights were made here.

In A.D. 5-6 th centuries during Byzantine Period it was used as an open air church. The theatre is dated from middle of A.D. 2nd century.The Apollo Temple is located within Byzantine Basilica together with the Athena Temple. In Corinthian style and peripteros design. From Roman period. Dates from A.D. 150’s. A section was restored in 1983-1990 and recovered.