Asheville Off The Beaten Path

Searching for unique, off the beaten path experiences can at times become a challenging task. In Asheville, the search started with trying to veer away from the usual suspects of the art, music and beer scene. But, omitting some of these wouldn't be staying true to the essence of Asheville. So, how does one go about look for unique experiences? It's taking a creative approach and thinking outside of the box. From foraging to taking a musical tour to touring a brewery that's much more impressive than the Biltmore, there is something for everyone looking for an off the beaten path experience. Here are 6 ways to experience Asheville off the beaten path:


1. Foraging food at your feet.

things to do in asheville foraging

The foodie scene in Asheville is like no other. This small city hosts a big city-esque food scene. And, with foraging being all the rage, it would only be natural to take a foraging tour with No Taste Like Home. The adventure begins the night before, like an underground club or closed-door restaurants, guests are provided with the foraging location. The location changes depending on conditions.

A typical No Taste Like Home immersive experience usually takes place by taking a walk in the woods; but since this was December, our group took a simple walk on a farm, which became an enlightening adventure with Alan. Our tour had about 14 people or so, mostly adults, which was lead by Alan Muskat, the director of No Taste Like Home and an expert forager with over 20 years of experience. Before heading on our walk, Alan takes inventory of our reasons for coming and where we are visiting from. Some want to forge a connection with the land while others are seeking the ultimate in fresh food and self-reliance. After 3-hours foraging and learning, Alan assessed everything we foraged. Foragers can then take their treasures to one of the three Asheville restaurants that No Taste Like home works with: Zambra Tapas Restaurant, The Market Place, or King James Public House. for no extra charge, where the chef will put together a fantastic dish. Read our full experience with No Taste Like Home in Food At Out Feet

2. Tour a brewery that's more impressive than the Biltmore Estate.

Although, I tried to widen my tour experiences away from the whole music, arts and micro brew scene, Sierra Nevada is the exception, not only because this brewery is from my home state of California, but because it's down right impressive. In my book (and in it's own right), it's much more impressive than the Biltmore Estate. Located in Mills River, 20 minutes from downtown Asheville, the site is on a forested ridge near the river, reached via a winding road that climbs over a striking stone bridge. At first glimpse, the scope of the state-of-the-art brewery is palpable. Sierra calls it “a temple to craft beer.” I'm not a beer drinker but this place was really impressive that even the most discerning beer lover will approve of. Still under construction are the restaurant, music venues, and hiking and biking trails. Visitor can visit the brewery for a FREE tour and sample brews.

3. Ride around Asheville sideways in a bicycle with beer.

So, what happens when you combine a bicycle tour with a pub crawl? You get the Amazing PubCycle. Just as the name implies, guests hop onboard riding through downtown on a uber-cool 13-person pedal powered (motor assisted) contraption like no other. Only in Asheville! Imagine riding your bike sideways, hanging out at your favorite pub on wheels. The Amazing Pubcycle is a BYOB activity, so get your brew on. Tours start $13 per person.