#LETSCHAT: Meet Tina Chow of @FitChicksCook

This week I'm introducing you to Tina Chow of @FitChicksCook. I first connected with Tina last year through Instagram and was quickly drawn to her beautiful meal preps--they are works of food art! Tina shares her fitness journey and gives her followers an inside peek how she makes her meals within her Instagram stories. She is someone who is equal parts inspiring and forgiving (hey, we’re all human – we’re not striving for perfect here) – well, that’s someone I can get behind.

#LETSCHAT: Meet Erica Liu WILLIAMS of @gr8nola

I first connected with Erica last year over gr8nola and discovered that we were both from the Bay Area and also shared a lot of mutual friends. Her story on how she went from the tech world in Silicon Valley to creating gr8nola is motivating. If you've ever met Erica IRL (in real life) or have had the pleasure to interact with her, you know she's the sweetest and one of the most genuine individuals you'll meet. So, getting a chance to chat more with Erica, was a real treat. She truly is an inspiring #GirlBoss!

#LETSCHAT: Meet Ellie Goodwin of @TopKnotPDX

I'm really excited for this onToday I'm introducing you to Ellie Goodwin, aka @TopKnotPDX! She is someone that is a true motivator and inspiration, who cares about helping others to be the best versions of themselves. I first connected with Ellie back in 2015, during our 3-month extended stay in Portland. I had been taking Ellie's megaformer classes at a local studio, and was instantly hooked on her style of teaching, the workout, and her energy. And as tough as the workout was, Ellie always had the right things to say to keep the class going and not giving up. She pushed us to limitis that we didn't think we were capable of. Moving to Portland in 2016, I was really excited to jump back into her classes. 

#LETSCHAT: Meet Tara Laferrara

I first connected with Tara on Instagram last Fall, and was first drawn to this Denver-based fitness babe through of her daily workout videos, motivation, and spunky personality. Even though I've never met Tara in person (yet!), I feel like I know her and can "virtually workout" with her. You'll never be bored with a workout ever again with Tara. You can also search for her fit tips through #TarasFitTips.

#LETSCHAT: Meet Melissa Chalmers of @MelissaChalmers

Each week, I've been shining the spotlight on someone that we all love in the community or someone that we might not know too much about. Someone that continues to inspire not only me but others as well each day is New Zealand-based Melissa Chalmers of @MelissaChalmers.  If you don't already follow Mel, let me just tell you... She is a globetrotting fitness and lifestyle YouTube personality that's going to bring you plenty of wanderlust and inspiration.

#LETSCHAT: Meet Ana Alarcón of @AnaGoesFit

Ana and I first connected over the Fall through Instagram. We share the same Mexican heritage, a love for keeping fit with Lagree fitness and boxing, and possibly an obsession of avocados and Whole foods! If you've taken a peek at her account, you'll instantly see how Ana is different from other accounts out there. It might be Ana's genuineness, her humbleness, her radiant smile, and her downright cool badass chick personality. (You gotta love a babe that can box!)

#LETSCHAT: Meet Jessica Kwock of @TheForeverFeminist

This week's #LETSCHAT I'm introducing you to Jessica Kwock of @TheForeverFeminist and Lagree Fitness Instructor at Heartcore in the SF Bay Area.

Jessica and I first connected IRL (in real life) three years ago through our obsession with SoulCycle 7am rides and SoulSurviver... and possibly our common love for EDM! This was also the year: Ellen’s Oscar Selfie, Kimye get hitched, Pharrell made us “Happy,” and the Ice bucket challenge went viral. (Thanks, SoulCycle for the souliversary reminder...!) And, like those things that happened that year, Jessica has a way of making those around her happy and feeling empowered to be and do good.

#LETSCHAT: Meet Personal Trainer Paola Marquez of @PaosFitWorld

This week, I caught up with Personal Trainer, and Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger, Paola Marquez. Flat abs, a sculpted butt, toned legs, and killer workout outfit—Paola is for sure a fitspiration. I came across Paola through a Facebook group and then again through her Instagram. And, I was instantly hooked. Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Paola now lives in Huston, TX. Her motivational photos and captions continue to flood my Instagram feed, motivating me on days when I feel I could easily be persuaded to skip the gym. I'm sure she'll be you next favorite fitspo!

#LETSCHAT: Meet Natalie Stanton of @LiveTourFit

Happy Thursday my beautiful friends! Last week we launched our first ever #LETSCHAT with amazing Leah Watson of AskLeakRenee.com. This weekly series is based on incredible individuals that inspire me through health and wellness. They are people that have made a positive impact on my life, big and small. They are people that inspire me to be a better version of me, and I hope they can inspire you as well.