Tinto de Verano

Fact: Sangria is not a thing in Spain. In some regions of Spain it is common for locals to drink Tinto de Verano while tourists drink  Sangria.

Tinto de Verano is a refreshing drink similar to Sangria. However, there are fewer ingredients in this wine based mixed drink making it much easier and quicker to put together. Tinto de Verano translates to red wine of summer. I recently got the pleasure of enjoying Tinto de Verano on my recent trip to Madrid. It was the first day of 70+ degree weather, people out in the Plaza's enjoying the evening sunshine, while kids played and adults enjoyed a drink and tapas. I was with my friends that had introduced me to this refreshing drink. 


Tinto de Verano

What You'll Ned

3 oz Spanish red wine
3 oz San Pellegrino limonata (or lemon soda)
1 lemon, sliced 

What You'll Need To Know

Begin by pouring equal parts red wine and limonata into a glass.

Add ice, garnish with lemon and enjoy.

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