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Hi, I'm Valerie! I'm a Social Media Marketing Consultant and visual storyteller based in Portland, OR. Let's Regale is a space filled with bits + bites of food, life and travel that are part of my everyday life. It's a breeding ground for ideas and excitement for a balanced and inspired lifestyle.

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Song & Sea: Wanderlust, delivered

Song & Sea: Wanderlust, delivered

Did I ever tell you about the very first business I had started at 22? I can't believe that was a little over a decade ago. When I reflect back on my 20's, my professional career, and the lessons in entrepreneurship, I sometimes feel as if I've lived a life of someone a decade older. Often times, friends and strangers will say 'how brave' or 'how scary' it must be to start something and work for myself. Truth be told, these are things that never cross my mind. I love the thrill and excitement of the unknown, whether it be in business or travel.

One of the greatest aspects of entrepreneurship is just that, the unknown. It's the building of something that will benefit someone, and the problem-solving. If things go wrong or you are unhappy with any element, you yourself can change it. The lessons are invaluable. From the building blocks of a startup, the everyday hustle, mastering SEO and any sort of digital marketing to developing management skills and managing employees and nurturing client relations to learning how to not get burned out or and "letting go" without micromanaging... the list is endless. These are lessons that not even having an MBA will prepare you for.

Over the years I've gotten the opportunity to share my insight in business, but now looking back at it all, the biggest skill to master and embrace is spaghetti throwing. Now, you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. 🤔 If you have a business or have ever started one, you probably know where I'm going with this.

Spaghetti Theory

I was reminded of this spaghetti theory as I've been working long and hard at building out a new business, Song & Sea, and another project. Spaghetti theory -- this isn't a real business term, but it should be and one I adopted from my business mentor years ago. (Or maybe it's a Silicon Valley start-up term?!) Entrepreneurship is really about throwing spaghetti on a wall, in hopes that something will stick--ideas, concepts, marketing, customer acquisitions. You try ever until something finally sticks, and when it does you spend your days improving it.

The last 10 days have reminded me of exactly that as I've been working hard to meet goals and deadlines and building momentum...and a reason why I’ve been very silent on Instagram. I am also fully aware that this announcement came as a surprise to many close to me, but it's because with entrepreneurship also come the feeling of questioning what you are doing. I mean, letting it be known of something that your working on and can possibly fail is putting out a type of vulnerability to the world. Because what if you do fail, and fail during pre-launch because your fabulous idea wasn't as fab to others? 

Believe in YOU!

This idea was conceived during my travels and something that was always on the back of my mind. I didn't fully plan it until returning back from my recent trip to Europe. I always had self-doubt, because this would be an industry I was very green too and quite frankly, not having the support of a partner was a bit nerve-racking.

During my flight, I sketched out a Business Plan Framework. This type of business planning is a framework that is very common in the Valley. Think of it as a visual map of a business plan that lists out the mission statement to the COGS and RND, Marketing and Products, etc.

It's been a busy last couple of months of being in super stealth mode, testing theories, gauging interest, researching. I also dove right into knowing the ins and outs of a subscription model based business by reading and watching many many courses. 

My latest business venture is Song and Sea, a monthly themed subscription box inspired by some of my most favorite destinations with the traveling female in mind. Each month, as a subscriber, will, in essence, be able to travel the world without ever leaving your home. Each box has a destination theme, with items sourced from or about the monthly destination. Handpicked Favorites from travel accessories and totes to travel-sized beauty and hair care products, unique travel finds and ways to document your travels, all with that got-it-on-vacation vibe. 

You're probably wondering how and why I started the idea of a Song & Sea Wanderlust Box? If you've been following me along for some time, or have quickly glanced at my blog, you know that I have a passionate love for travel.

Wanderlust, delivered

Song & Sea started with my love of travel and friends asking where I got my earrings and dainty rings or cork passport cover. As a frequent domestic and international traveler, I'm the type of person who brings back the coolest and most unique finds from my trips. (I may or may not have brought back a paella pan during a homestay trip to Spain in 2016. 😉) 

There’s a discovery to be had, no matter the destination—the hard part is finding it, especially if travel to far away places isn't in your near future. I’ve done the work for you of some of our favorite cities and have made room in my suitcase for the best gifts and souvenirs they offer. Forget the clichéd snow globes and logo t-shirts, Song & Sea Wanderlust Box will feature a certain group of mementos of locally made, crafted, and adored finds.

Curious as to what each box will have inside? You'll be able to travel the world without ever leaving your home. Each box has a destination theme, with items sourced from or about the monthly destination.  Here's what to expect in each box all with that got-them-on-vacation vibe:

  • Travel accessories
  • Cute tote or scarf
  • Travel-sized beauty and hair products
  • Unique travel finds (think earrings, rings, soaps, candles, and such)
  • Ways to document your travels (notebook, travel stamps, lux postcards, and such)
  • Unique food items (chocolate, specialty candy, coffee, etc.)

Where are we heading for the first box in August? Get excited for that glorious feeling of teetering in the unknown – this time, by way of... Well, cat isn't out of the bag just yet! I'll be sharing this during week two of my pre-launch.

I can't wait to share this all with you! 

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