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Hi, I'm Valerie! I'm a Social Media Marketing Consultant and visual storyteller based in Portland, OR. Let's Regale is a space filled with bits + bites of food, life and travel that are part of my everyday life. It's a breeding ground for ideas and excitement for a balanced and inspired lifestyle.

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I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

California Dreaming... and a dash of San Francisco magic. I left my heart in San Francisco... It only took me 4 years of traveling and living in Portland to realize that.

I know that questions have been swirling on Instagram, my inner circle of friends, and family. My IG Stories and posts have been slightly cryptic on if I am moving back.

It's true.

I'm moving back shortly soon. I gave myself the deadline of June 1st, but it could happen much sooner than that. It is all dependent on my job hunt.

Why am I moving?

I’m relocating for many reasons; both personal and professional. While I love Portland and never thought I’d move from this fascinating Pacific Northwest wonderland, Portland no longer offers me what I am looking for in life and in my future.

When I moved here, it was under different circumstances, back when I was married and envisioned Portland to be a place where I would start a family and a perfect “small-big-city” place to raise a family. I am obviously no longer married, and starting a family is so far out in the future.

On a personal level that is one of the many reasons, as well as, the dating marketing in Portland does not offer the type of partner I am looking for.  My family is also in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I miss them. I miss the crazy chaos that is San Francisco; picture-perfect sunny days, and being able to take it all in from Dolores Park; being able to get to the coast in under 30 minutes. The list is endless.

On a professional level, Portland does not offer what I need. My professional network in San Francisco is much stronger and established. I see big things with Song & Sea Subscription Box, and I know what I am capable of. With my network, I know if I reach my numbers and goals, I can approach various individuals and seek out investment. In the interim, finding a job in social media is a plan. While I love working with clients, I’d like to be able to find a “9-to-5” and focus on work, get a guaranteed paycheck, and be able to work on Song & Sea without the client relations aspect of it all, and the feeling a burn out.

While some people say entrepreneurship is the riskiest and most fear driven action; I find going back into a 9-to-5 risky. It’s a foreign concept to me, as I’ve been my own boss for nearly my entire professional career.

There are so many moving parts to this move, but, I know that Portland will always be here. Nothing in life is permanent.  I know that if my move to SF isn’t what I thought it was going to be, maybe I’ll be back in Portland?

I'm following my heart and seeking what is best for my future.

So, there you have it.

Happy Monday, friends!

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